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Registering as a volunteer with Health Psychology Management Organisation Services enables you to store your details securely on a database on our website. Please note that Health Psychology Management Organisation Services is bound by law to conduct a full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks on all volunteers who work in any capacity within the organisation. However reserves the right to use discretion if only for a short period. Prior to beginning work with the organisation all volunteers are required to have DBS checks which will be paid by our organisation. . Volunteer work provides our organisation with a valuable resource to help meet its mission and goals, which often include filling the gap between an individual or community’s resources and those provided by the local government. In many cases, volunteers are crucial to us and help strengthen our mission of supporting people in need. Volunteers serve in many capacities within our organisation by contributing time, energies or skills that help to fulfil the organisations’ mission. Volunteers generate enthusiasm and interest and help to create a positive image of the organisation in the community. While volunteer work is important for individuals and communities served, it also benefits the volunteer. Volunteer work has been shown to be important for improving psychological and physical health. Volunteers reap the benefits of feeling a personal sense of accomplishment while building social networks that, in turn, support them in times of stress. Additionally, a history of volunteering demonstrates commitment to the community and a willingness to work for the betterment of others. The individual volunteer benefits by having the opportunity to pursue an interest and consequently gain new information, develop new skills or enhance existing knowledge. Volunteers form leadership and social skills as they interact with paid staff, clients and other volunteers. They develop personal pride and satisfaction as they help clients, and gain status while becoming recognised experts in a specific area. Volunteers continue to develop their knowledge, often gaining considerable expertise from the volunteer experience. Communities benefit from volunteers’ contribution in that the services they provide helps individuals, families and the community to address local needs and problems. Greater enthusiasm and rapport develops when volunteers share their enthusiasm for the work they are doing and the organisation they are affiliated with. They often encourage others to become involved. Recognition of outstanding volunteers can contribute to overall community pride. Please click on the link below for the forms.

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