Advisory Bureau for Social and Community Mediation (ABSCM) 2012-2014

HP – MOS and its 7 European partners are engaged in GRUNDTVIG – LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME that involves an Advisory Bureau for Social and Community Mediation (ABSCM).



The summary of this partnership project is to consolidate knowledge and problem solving techniques of both theoretical and operative in the field of social and community mediation from different countries: England, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.
Concrete Objectives of the Partnership:
1. The first phase of the project is the – Research Phase – which is to map survey/experiences of the characteristics and theoretical Knowledge of social and community initiatives of mediation in each country involved in the project. This phase also examines the methodological specificity, including models and strategies of current practises
2. The second phase of the project is the – Training phase – which is to engage in Social and Community mediation training, with focus on the role of the mediator, methodologies and strategic procedures, linking theory and practice.
3.The third phase of the project is the – Dissemination of knowledge observed and produced in the field of research and training of Social and Community Mediation. Participative and qualitative approaches are privileged, with the contribution of experts and multidisciplinary professionals: teachers, researchers, social workers, social educators, sociologists, psychologist, lawyers, and expertise in new technologies

The project has received finding from the European Commission

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