About Us

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services (HP-MOS) operates as a not for profit Organisation and is a first and second Tier Organisation that has been in operation since 2006. The Organisation is a registered charity and a registered company limited by guarantee in the UK. As a 1st Tier organisation, we offer a range of psychological and social well-being training strategies, mental and physical health training services, one to one and group counselling training, using different therapeutic approaches. We further provide informal adult education training to facilitate continuous learning with implications for social change, hence improve social inclusion. We work directly with beneficiaries, public and private statutory sectors in our service provision. Our service is  aimed at identifying and supporting marginalised and disadvantaged “hard-to-reach” adults, children and young people with long term mental and physical health conditions, with  varying disabilities within different community settings and different educational needs with an outcome of improving  quality of life, hence improve  employability status.

Operating as a 2nd Tier Organisation allows us to focus on Workforce/Professional/Business and Infrastructure Development with the aims of improving health, work and well-being outcomes in organisational training strategies. Our training strategies include the provision of Business support services and organisational Human Resource Infrastructure support to frontline professionals and entrepreneurs, working with the voluntary, community, public, private and statutory sectors. Our Infrastructure support services focuses on entrepreneurs, people, culture, systems and processes to enrich experiences, deepen knowledge, expand networks and reduce workplace Stress and Anxiety. We engage in empirical research development with proven quantitative and qualitative methodologies with policy implications. We additionally work with European partners on a number of European projects to improve mental, physical, social, educational, environmental and economic wellbeing with many diverse projects.

Both our Service Provision and Delivery are Designed to:

  • Facilitate effective and sustainable community-based self-management care pathways
  • Improve quality of life, hence the relief of suffering, hardship and deprivation
  • Promote opportunities for volunteering to sustainable employment for the marginalised and disadvantaged
  • Advance health and social care education on mental health promotion/social skills training and physical health awareness programmes
  • Assist in the relief of sickness and preserve the physical and mental well being
  • Focus on building stronger communities by overcoming isolation and fragmentation and encouraging inclusion, connection and integration
  • Address complex and multi-stranded self-management care pathways often difficult problems in unusual and imaginative ways
  • Optimise healthier lifestyles for the whole community with personalised health prevention and education
  • Build organisational Human Resource infrastructure support in entrepreneurship and staff training to improve abilities to develop structures, systems, people and skills in order to deliver effective business strategies
  • Engage in social science research and development with proven qualitative and quantitative methods