A bequest is a section of your Will or living trust that directs a gift of personal property from your estate to a person, institution, church, school or charity of your choice after you die. It is often the simplest way for a donor to make a significant, lasting gift. Bequests may be used to provide gifts of money, stock, works of art, jewelry, etc.  Gifts of real estate could be devised to beneficiary, or beneficiaries under a Will or trust. After the needs of a spouse, children, and other loved ones have been addressed, many individuals find it satisfying to know that a portion of their resources will go toward a common good.

Making a Bequest to Health Psychology Management Organisation Services – (“the Charity”)

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services (“the Charity”) welcomes gifts by bequest, of any sum, and to support any aspect of its life and work. It especially welcomes money left for its general purposes, for investment with the income applied wherever it is most needed. Such generosity enables the Charity to command its own resources as needs and opportunities, at present unforeseeable, may demand. Nevertheless, you can be sure that the needs will not diminish, and nor will the Charity’s gratitude for any assistance which you are able to offer. Whatever your wishes, the Charity undertakes to abide by them as a condition of accepting your legacy.

This gift could be in several forms:

  • A specific legacy – this is the simplest form of bequest, naming a specific sum of money. This has an disadvantage of not making allowances for any change in your circumstances, or inflation.
  • Bequeath a percentage the advantage of this is that it increases or decreases with your estate. Your other beneficiaries will not suffer from your decision to include a charity in your Will.
  • A residual bequest after making provision for your nearest and dearest, you can give all, or part, of what is left.
  • A gift of real estate or immovable property this can provide income to the beneficiary through rental or sale.
  • An insurance policy an existing policy can be ceded to the beneficiary, or a new policy specifically designed for this


A bequest to Health Psychology Management Organisation Services will help ensure the charity’s continuing services to people in need. By leaving a bequest to Health Psychology Management Organisation Services you have the unique opportunity of making a valuable contribution to the welfare of the needy beyond your lifetime. YOUR bequest will be received by our charity with deep gratitude on behalf of all those who will benefit. You will help ensure that the needy will receive the care, provision and services they need.

Please note, a bequest needs to be included within the body of a Will or as a codicil, with signatures of two witnesses, in order to make it legally acceptable.  This information will need to be added as part of a will or codicil to give it legal effect.

If you do not already have a Will, and would like to make one now with a bequest to Health Psychology Management Organisation Services – (“the Charity”) automatically included, all you have to do is to write to the trustees of HP-MOS charity at:

Trustees at HP-MOS ,

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services,

Registered and Principal Address,

7 Blacksmiths Lane, Rainham, Essex,

RM13 7AD

Alternatively,  you can send an e-mail to: trustees@hp-mos.org.uk

Once you are happy and would like  to “Make a Bequest” to Health Psychology Management Organisation Services, please fill in the forms (click here) and e-mail it to : trustees@hp-mos.org.uk  or send it by post to the above address.

You can also  browse the  Directory of solicitors to find a solicitor in your local area who can be a witness for you: www.waterlowlegal.com/directories/solicitors.php

Our Promise

  • We know how important your gift is and we promise to use it wisely and effectively
  • We will respect your privacy and if you decide to let us know that you have included us in your Will, we will treat this information in complete confidence
  • We appreciate what you are doing for us, and we take our responsibility very seriously in efficiently administering all funds we receive


Thank you for your generosity in helping us make a difference!