Volunteering Opportunities for Psychology and Social Care Graduates and Undergraduates

We provide volunteering opportunities for Psychology undergraduates and graduates to spend 6, 12, 18 months to 2 years volunteering with our organisation. The aim of this voluntary role is to enable students and graduates to relate their University studies to the practical situations encountered in the working environment.


  • To learn, develop and apply new skills appropriate to the professional setting in which they are working
  • To apply knowledge and skills acquired in the academic setting to the practical demands of the employing organisation.
  • To develop and utilise appropriate interpersonal skills in the organisation setting.
  • To develop and refine the communication skills required of a person working in a professional capacity


  • To contribute to undergraduate and graduate learning so as to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills which are of value to an employer.
  • To enhance the links between university and employers to the potential benefit of both.
  • To take on board for a limited period or in some cases leading to permanent employment, an intelligent and committed individual who will contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.


  • To provide students and graduates with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills as an employee in a professional capacity.
  • To promote university links with private, public and professional bodies.
  • To keep abreast of developments in the social and behavioural sciences as applied in a ‘real world’ setting.
  • To make graduates more attractive to employers and enhance their chances of employment through their work experience with our organisation
  • To produce a more rounded and mature graduate.

All volunteering opportunities feed into our different work strands with students and graduates applying their skills and knowledge appropriately to where it is required.