Workforce / Professional/Business Development Strategy

Our organisation acts as Human Resource capacity building for infrastructure development for businesses,  voluntary, community, private, public and statutory sectors. Our aim of operating at these levels is to ensure that the needs of frontline staff and entrepreneurs are met by our Human Resource (HR) support services. Our support services are structured for maximum efficiency, offering excellent provision that is accessible to all. Acquiring the necessary human support resources is integral to the sustainability of any organisation. Maintaining staff, volunteers and entrepreneurs, feeds into any organisational development and into the vision of enabling frontline staff  and entrepreneurs to become more adequately and appropriately resourced.

Our Human Resource support services to frontline staff and entrepreneurs includes the implementation of a “bank” of undergraduates and graduates from social science and business backgrounds to facilitate our training and mentoring programmes. Additionally we facilitate health checks for organisations and businesses on project development basis to identify human as well as physical resources to meet organisational needs. In so doing we take account of infrastructure requirements, avoid duplication and ensure that our service delivery is based around gaps in provision of HR support services.

Our Human Resource Strategies in supporting Frontline Staff and entrepreneurs focuses on:

  • Developing organisational  and business training strategies
  • Developing frontline employee and entrepreneurship  mentoring schemes and volunteer staff programmes
  • Increasing access to training skills which reduces work place Stress and Anxiety
  • Engaging in research and development with proven quantitative and qualitative methodologies