European Partnership Projects

Our Organisation is involved in European partnership projects with different organisations/Institutions, Universities, NGO’s and many other organisations in Europe. We are now involved in Erasmus+ – the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport which replaced the former Lifelong Learning Programme (Leonardo, Comenius, Grundtvig, Erasmus and Jean Monnet actions), Youth in Action and five other international programmes from 2014. This new programme focuses on formal and informal learning across EU borders to improve the skills and employability of students, educators, and workers. It reflects the priorities of the Europe 2020 strategy and its flagship initiatives.

Erasmus+ is an integrated programme, based around Key Actions rather than sectors of education. These are: Learning Mobility, Co-Operation and Policy Reform.

Key Action 1: will promote learning opportunities for individuals, within the EU and beyond, including: study and training, traineeships, teaching and professional development and non-formal youth activities such as volunteering.

Key Action 2 : will provide direct opportunities for stakeholders to make new peer learning experiences and exchanges of practices through partnerships within and across countries and sectors, but also to benefit from the other two Key Actions (Mobility and Policy reform) and build bridges between Erasmus+ and other national or European programmes, in particular the European Structural and Investment Funds.

Key action 3 : will support for policy reform in Member States and cooperation with non-EU countries, with a focus on strengthening the evidence-base for policy making and exchange of good practices. Support will include the implementation of EU transparency tools, cross-country st

Erasmus+ programme 2014 2020 presentation