Working in Partnership

Our partnership work involves the person, and the interests of the person, being at the centre of all relationships. People, and where appropriate their careers are recognised as partners in the planning of services, which is always integrated and based on collaborative working across all partnerships.

Our partnership working is about developing inclusive, mutually beneficial relationships that improve the quality and experience of care. This includes the relationships between individuals with long term conditions, their careers and service providers. It is also about relationships within and between organisations and services involved in planning and delivering health and social care in the statutory, voluntary, community and independent sector, including Europe. Effective partnership working should result in good quality care and support for people with long term conditions and their carers through identifying the respective roles and responsibilities of all partners and how these can best be brought together.

Communities we serve are central to all partnership working. Their expertise and knowledge about how their condition affects them physically, emotionally and socially will be a key focus in the planning and delivery of care to meet their needs. Where appropriate, and with the agreement of the person with a long term condition, partnership working should also involve carers.

Good partnership working between individuals and health and social care providers can encourage compliance with care and treatment as well as promote a positive outlook on a service which people participate in rather than simply receive. Developing effective partnerships means ensuring that people have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play an active role in planning their own care and self managing their condition to a degree and level that they feel comfortable with, whilst having the assurance that beyond that level support is available.

Good partnership working is also critical for building strong, effective relationships within and across organisations. Within an organisation this means taking a joined-up approach to designing and delivering integrated services for the benefit of service users. Excellent communication and multi-disciplinary team working are key elements to successful partnership working within an organisation and fundamental to ensuring a streamlined approach to care. The development of high quality, co-ordinated services across different care settings and sectors requires our organisation and other agencies to work collaboratively with each other. This will include working across organisational boundaries between statutory, voluntary, community and independent sectors and across Europe.

Good partnership working should be based on: open and honest communication; respect for the experience and knowledge of the person (and, where appropriate, their carers) about their condition, circumstances and preferences for care; choice, fairness, openness, trust and empathy; and effective and accessible peer support.

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