Fundraising for Young People’s Mental Health Resource Centre

Health Psychology Management Organisation Services is fundraising £250K for Mental Health Resource Centre for young people with mental health conditions who are facing an increasing range of pressures associated with modern life. Through these fundraising efforts, we will improve young people’s resilience by giving them the support and skills to cope with adversity in life. Investing in mental health promotion and early intervention for young people will not only serve to empower those young people to cope in the future but more importantly, it will ease the burden on mental health and children and young people’s services.

Early adolescence is a critical time period of vulnerability for developing mental health issues such as depression. It has been estimated that approximately all of lifetime mental disorders begin in the middle teenage years and three quarters by the mid-twenties. Also, the incidences of mood, anxiety, psychotic, personality, eating, and substance use disorders are highest in adolescence and early adult life. We are therefore placing focus on early prevention within early years for an increased likelihood of escape from social and economic disadvantage, a lower risk for psychological problems in adulthood and protection in the context of continuing disadvantage.

We are asking for your generous support for the purchase and development of a building as Mental Health Resource Centre for young people with mental health conditions which will provide a shelter for health, well-being and education for self management strategies. The objective aim of the resource centre is to offer a range of timely stress, anxiety and depression management support services in order to avert mental illness, placing a new focus on prevention. Additionally it is to provide shelter for these who practically have nowhere to go and engage them through delivering open access to meals and the provision of clothing.

With your generous support and help we can make this a reality to change many young people’s lives for the better. Your support for this cause is greatly appreciated.


Thanking you for supporting our campaign!

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