Key Strategic Business Aims

  • To develop and launch a marketable model of the organisation’s sustainable development of psychological and social self-management care pathway models.
  • To develop and launch a marketable model of Human Resource infrastructure development for the community, voluntary, private, public and statutory sectors
  • To build on the organisation’s unique community market position by developing robust contractual arrangements and agreements with, government departments, health and social care services in the statutory, private, voluntary and community sectors on a local and national level.
  • To develop the staffing infrastructure of the organisation to enhance both its strategic and operational capacity


Key Strategic Business Objectives

  • To constitute a joint perception of Health Psychology Management Organisation Staff, service users and all stakeholders to understand the agreed operational direction of the organisation.
  • To provide all those involved with the organisation with a clear presentation of the structuring of the organisation and an understanding of how roles and responsibilities contribute to the achievement of the core values, aims and objectives of the organisation.
  • To identify key milestones and prioritise the milestones with measurable targets within specific timescales.
  • To identify, allocate and optimise human, physical, financial, and educational resources.
  • To understand the environment in which the organisation operates enabling the Organisation to take advantage of new emerging opportunities
  • To identify and outline any foreseeable internal and external risks and threats to the Organisation’s ability to achieve its aims and objectives and as a solution, implement risk management