History and Brief of HP-MOS

Health Psychology Management Organisation Service (HP-MOS) is a registered company by guarantee and registered charity working closely within many London Boroughs, Community groups, European organisations/Institutions and corporate organisations to build the capacity and capability of service provision and delivery. This burden is felt more acutely amongst deprived and marginalised communities. We strive to transform the way we work with people with long term conditions to focus much more on prevention, and early and accessible community-based psychological support services. We aim for these preventative support services to enable people to manage their conditions and their lives better in the long term which demonstrates a key component of our service. Additionally, we aim to promote actions in improving life chances and reduce health inequalities for marginalised and disadvantaged people and communities. We do this by giving the highest priority to the delivery of national and local mental and physical health needs to meet a challenge of providing psychological support that encompasses self-management and empowerment outcomes. Our planning and delivery framework of providing psychological support “unpacks” health conditions in a more “bottom up” approach by presenting a parallel “self-management and empowerment” narrative for which people experience more control over decisions that influence their health and lives, hence improve their quality of live.

Our Psychological Support Creates:

  • New services in different ways
  • Facilitate more choices of health care provision
  • Strengthen strategic alliances with public and private organisations
  • Proactively consult and collaborate with many health and social care partners
  • A workforce of sufficient numbers of “able” staff


The Cross-Cutting Benefit of our Social Support Promotes;

  • Professional volunteering
  • Social inclusion
  • Tackles Health inequalities
  • Partnership working between sectors
  • Building capacity to increase diversity of public and private service providers
  • Supporting choice


Our Models of Key Self Management Strategies for Physical Health:

  • Health Psychology based promotion of health lifestyles and Smoking Cessation (Level 3) SCTRP-Program Health Psychology based
  • Health Promotion/Awareness Program: The use of Motivational Interviewing Technique (MIT) for behaviour change
  • Health Psychology based Promotion of Health-enhancing  Behaviours
  • Health Psychology based Education on Health-compromising Behaviours
  • The use of peer support mentoring
  • Coping mechanisms to enhance behaviour modification and change techniques
  • Preventative and intervention Lifestyle Factors affecting Health


Our Models of Key Self Management Strategies for Mental Health:

  • Mental health support groups with the use of cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief and many more with proven relaxation techniques
  • Wellness: skills for True Wellbeing to help promote mental health and wellbeing
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy for mental health conditions
  • Facilitation of peer support relationships with people with mental health long term conditions


Our Models of Psychological and Mental Well-Being Strategies for Children and Young people

  • Anger Management Strategies
  • Stress and Anxiety Management Strategies
  • Building Self-Esteem & confidence Strategies
  • Social Skills Strategies
  • Education, Training and Mentoring skills for young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).
  • Promotion of healthy behaviour to support children and young people’s wellbeing


Our Workforce/Professional Development Strategies for Supporting Frontline Staff and Businesses:

  • Developing organisational training strategies
  • Providing mentoring support to frontline staff
  • Developing frontline employee mentoring schemes and volunteer staff programmes
  • Increasing access to training skills which reduces work place Stress and Anxiety


Our Strategy for  Volunteering  Opportunities for  Psychology Undergraduates & Graduates is designed to:

  • Benefit undergraduates and graduates
  • Benefit our Organisation
  • Benefit Universities/Intuitions
  • Benefits the community as a whole


All our volunteering opportunities feed into our different work streams and allow undergraduates and graduates to apply their skills and knowledge appropriately to where it is required