Developing Effective Learner Training Across Europe (D.E.L.T.A.-Europe) 2011-2013

HP – MOS and its 4 European partners are engaged in GRUNDTVIG – LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME to develop a manual in the form of a “book” of best practices for TRAINERS working with Adult Learners as a pathway for EFFECTIVE TRAINING

Project Title: Developing Effective Learner Training Across Europe (D.E.L.T.A.-Europe)

The summary of this partnership project is to develop quality in effective learner training across Europe through learning about different teaching/learner methods used by all partners, best practices and innovation through workshops and conferences

Concrete Objectives of the Partnership:

  • To implement opportunities for teachers/trainers to access quality information and maintenance of their skills in lifelong learning
  • To help provide TRAINERS with a pathway of completing AN EFFECTIVE TRAINING
  • To analyse the way TRAINING determine the quality of Continuing Education for Teachers/Adult learners in Europe To facilitate EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK of quality in Training
  • To provide Innovative ways of training to trainers within adult education in Europe
  • To provide an evaluation of quality for the trainer/learner experience
  • To develop and analyse the way adult learners are trained To address strategies involved in cooperative learning techniques and activelearning methodologies

This project is funded by the European Commission through the UK NATIONAL Agency

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