PhD²: Personal and human Development: Psychodrama to help the disadvantaged 2008-2010

Multilateral Grundtvig Project October 2008 – September 2010

HP – MOS and its 16 European partners are engaged in Research on social inclusion by means of art therapy: tested method and European best practices.

Project Title: PhD²: Personal and human Development: Psychodrama to help the disadvantaged


  • The main objective of the research is: to study in depth the link between psychodrama, art therapy and social reinstatement of disadvantage people, to analyse the best practices in the field of art therapy in the UK.
  • It is widely accepted that, depending on the different causes of social exclusion, educational policies plays a strategic role and it is an essential tool for social cohesion. In recent years, always most frequently, art therapy techniques are exploited in the social inclusion field or in the educational one.
  • Psychodrama, in particular, is a method that, according to the different techniques adopted, becomes a very effective tool for research, social reinstatement, therapeutic paths, educational paths etc. Psychodrama resources are able to strengthen the social lives of people, to teach them adaptation strategies and to show them new ways in terms of emotional awareness and knowledge achievement.
  • The PhD² project intends to develop and experiment an integrated video-therapy and psychodrama method within a context in which a number of users with different degrees and levels of social disability, disadvantage and social exclusion can re-discover relationship and communication competences (psychodrama workshops) as well as acquiring specialised skills (audio/video production workshops) which can be useful for the integration or re-integration into a working context.

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