Organisation Registration Membership

Membership of Health Psychology Management Organisation Services is free and it is about becoming more involved with our organisation, by receiving regular information about our activities and any proposed developments, with the opportunity of contributing to our feedback forms and events. The free membership also allows both individuals and organisations to attend our membership and project events and receive invitations to any of our conferences and meetings. We hope to make our membership as representative as possible of the communities/organisations and individuals we serve and to ensure we have mechanisms in place to seek the views of our members about the future of any of our services we provide and make sure that members believe their membership makes a difference. We are committed to creating an inclusive working membership to maximise the potential of the public to avoid unlawful discrimination in any shape of form. Additionally, we will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation of any of our members or third parties who join as members. The key principles of our membership inckude : -provide equality for all -promote an inclusive culture -respect and value differences of everyone -prevent discrimination, harassment and victimisation -promote and foster good relations with all our members Please click on the link below to fill in your details.

Organisation Registration Membership